Most investors who purchase U.S. real estate use mortgage financing to cover a substantial portion of the property’s total purchase cost. This enables investors to gain the benefits of leveraging, and the mortgage interest is a deduction for U.S. income tax purposes. Acquiring advantageous mortgage financing at the lowest possible interest cost is another service provided by Caltech. Since we have long-standing relationships with a number of major mortgage lending institutions nationwide, Caltech can identify the most favorable combinations of financing terms for each property acquired. Caltech will usually obtain several mortgage quotes, giving the investor the option of selecting the one most suited to his objectives. Structuring favorable financing terms for the investor, with protection of the investor’s confidentiality, is one of Caltech’s prime objectives. Unfortunately, since the credit crisis and recession of 2007/2008 it has been relatively more difficult to obtain mortgage financing, making Caltech’s relationships in the mortgage industry that much more valuable.


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