Caltech Capital believes the current real estate industry offers compelling investment opportunities to achieve returns that will outperform established benchmarks. The Company’s Investment Philosophy has five basic tenets: Integrity In our activities and in our relationships with our investors, employees, and business partners, institutions and organizations, we remain committed to the principle of integrity. Credibility Aware that confidence lies at the heart of Real Estate Investment; we provide clients with clear, comprehensible and accurate information and excellent services that mirror our promises. Assumption Fallacies Investment decisions are based upon high probability occurrences. Expected returns are presented as ranges that more properly reflect risk. Confidentiality We do not share any information or details of transactions concerning our clients, employees, suppliers and business partners and above all personal information regarding our customers, with any person or institution, except with those authorities with which the sharing of such information is permitted by law. Transparency Except for information that is deemed a commercial secret and not yet disclosed to the public, we disclose to the public financial and non-financial information about the Corporation promptly, accurately, thoroughly, comprehensibly and in a manner that is open to clear interpretation and easy access.

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