Caltech was formed to benefit from the sharp declining real estate values. To make these benefits open to all potential investors the company also focuses on real estate investments for immigrant investors applying for an EB-5 visa which confers Permanent Residency.

We have a very experienced team that all members have long history in Real estate investing from financing to construction, property management to real estate brokerage. Today, the company attracts investments from both the US and immigrant investors and the ratio is approximately 20/80


  • Very viable projects
  • Defined Exit Strategy.
  • Low Risk Investment.
  • High income projects
  • Transparency of Investment.
  • Convenient California Location.
  • Escrow Account Used to Protect the Investor.
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Overall Simplicity of the Program.
  • Bank interest paid to investors
  • A %100 success record for EB-5 Visa approval


It is the policy of Caltech to protect the privacy of its investors. Therefore, the Company will not disclose the names of investors to those outside of that Limited Partnership, unless required to do so by law. However, each investor has the right of access to names, contact information, and percentage of ownership of the other investors within his/her Limited Partnership.


Due to the central management by the Company and its principals of all Caltech’s properties, each of which has a different set of investors, there are unavoidable potential conflicts that may arise and of which investors must be aware and accept.

These include, without limitation:

Which property’s vacant space will be shown and offered to a prospective tenant;

The pricing allocation among properties when two or more partnerships’ properties are to be sold in a single transaction or related transactions; and

The Company’s receipt of certain management fees directly from tenants.

Caltech will use its best efforts to resolve any conflicts that arise in a fair and impartial manner.

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