Caltech Residential Real Estate Investment service based on buying bulk foreclosed or bank owned properties from financial distressed banks with big discounts, rehabbing them with trend designs and putting them back in the market for quick return. Especially today’s South California market gives us enormous chance to play a big role in the residential foreclosure markets.

Our clients having minimal risk on investing residential properties where the market rents are increasing. Our investors have two options on residential real estate investments:

  • Buy & Hold: Our investors buy bulk properties. After rehabbing them, we rent them out and wait for the market appreciation where at the same time we collect rents. Usually with today’s exceptional buying opportunity, returns will be around %7-%15/yr. depending on the property and location.
  • Buy & Rehab: Our investors buy bulk properties. We fix and rehab the properties fitting with the neighborhood and put them back in the market. This investment option is usually for quick cash return, which is around %15-%30 within months.

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