A bare land can be a millions of dollar investment if you have the right vision. A bare land can be converted to a well-planned residential community, an industrial park or business condominiums.

Making the vision a reality often requires multiple steps and months or years of effort: Creative planning, entitlement processing, financial analysis. Painstaking approval of zoning changes and variances. Site repositioning and architectural reviews and infrastructure improvements.

If you are looking for the right piece of land for development, Caltech has the vision to help you succeed.

Land Banking

Countless fortunes have been made in the purchasing of undeveloped land by individuals or corporations who understood the concept of buying land and holding it until it appreciates. But significant raw land opportunities like this have typically only existed for builders/developers, institutions, or the mega-wealthy. Now, Caltech offers land-banking options that enable whole buyers of real estate to affordably purchase raw land at the pre-development stage.

Caltech purchases strategically located undeveloped land in various rapidly growing and expanding areas throughout the United States. By using on-site, on-the-ground intelligence and extensive real estate experience, Caltech provides whole buyers with a credible and viable investment real estate vehicle. Purchasing undeveloped land may be the opportunity you have been looking for to build wealth, diversify your holdings, or get into the ground floor of real estate investment.

Real Estate Cycle

The investment real estate land and development cycle generally has four stages, each with its unique risks, costs, and returns. Each stage has its own time frame, and each stage should be viewed as a separate purchase, even if a purchaser were to buy the raw land, entitle, and develop it into an income-producing asset. Stages will invariably overlap in many instances, but generally, these four points in time represent when value is added and/or realized.

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