Flexible Investment Strategy

The investments made by CALTECH and its principals have been made in a variety of sectors, geographic locations, and business climates. CALTECH focuses on net lease real estate investments in a variety of sectors. CALTECH will source and execute unique and complex transactions including direct equity investments in real property, debt investments, and real estate securities.

Anticipation of Trends

CALTECH closely monitors both the public and private real estate markets and is focused on anticipating promising new investment themes based on asset class, market conditions, and geography. CALTECH's current focus is on high credit quality middle market net lease and sale leaseback commercial real estate assets that are either undervalued or demonstrate strong prospects for value creation, with a focus on office, industrial, and retail properties.

Conservative Approach to Investing

The Company targets middle market, net leased properties that CALTECH believes have not experienced significant institutional participation or corresponding yield reduction of larger income-producing properties. CALTECH's investment philosophy is generally guided by the premise that cash flow, tenant stability, and credit, determines the value of an asset.

Focus on Exit Strategies

CALTECH is highly focused on exit strategies that maximize portfolio value and provide liquidity to its Members. CALTECH closely monitors both the public and private real estate markets and maintains a broad network of relationships throughout the industry. The ability to operate effectively within both the public and private market helps assure that the Company will achieve most favorable pricing upon the sale of its assets. CALTECH strives to seek investments with multiple exit strategies including:

  1. Portfolio disposition to another institutional net lease investor through direct sale of assets
  2. Individual asset disposition to institutional net lease investors or I.R.C. Section 1031 tax deferred exchange buyers;
  3. A public offering of Investment assets in a securitized form into the retail investor market;
  4. An exchange of Investments for securities in a publicly traded company, such as a Sale of Interests to a Real Estate Investment Trust;
  5. Conversion of Fund into a Real Estate Investment Trust and a public offering of shares thereto;
  6. Conversion or roll up into a related CALTECH sponsored fund.


CALTECH’s network of relationships with a wide range of market participants, coupled with its Strategic Partner’s network and relationships, is expected to provide a competitive advantage in sourcing net lease transactions. In addition to its conventional deal sourcing relationships, CALTECH believes that the experience of its professionals, and the Strategic Partner, will provide the Fund access to unique investment opportunities derived from their:

  1. Extensive high quality industry contacts and experience within the real estate investment, development, and corporate communities; and
  2. Relationships with other investment firms, lenders, and/or advisors. Opportunities arising from these relationships may include a first look at entities that are:
    a- considering a sale-leaseback;
    b- offering a unique portfolio-based acquisition opportunity; and/or
    c- disposing of assets that no longer fit within their portfolio. In addition to the preceding, CALTECH believes its reputation for integrity and ability to close will provide a consistent, recurring pipeline of net lease opportunities.


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