Whenever you wish to sell your shares in a Limited Partnership, whether it is after you have had Conditions Removed (approximately two years after emigrating and some three and a half years after investing), or sooner if you are abandoning your plans to emigrate, simply contact the company. Your investment will be made available for sale, probably to a US investor. A sale is invariably achieved within a few weeks and may be subject to a sales commission depending upon the source of the new investor.

The second exit option is to await a sale of the project. Caltech is incentivized to sell its properties but only after all its immigrant investors have had conditions removed. Investors receive back their initial investment plus 80 per cent of the capital gain. Caltech receives 20 per cent of the capital gain, providing it with a strong incentive to realize the maximum profit as soon as it is permitted to do so under EB-5 visa regulations.








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