Caltech continually looks for ways in which to expand the scope of our real estate investments. We make strategic expansion choices that provide stable growth opportunities and fit logically with our primary investment focus.

Commercial developments are an ideal complement to the Caltech portfolio. Today’s market offers commercial investment opportunities way below their market value. Caltech comes with three options for Commercial Real Estate services:

  • Buy & Convert Option: We buy old buildings or apartment complex with a major discount directly from the banks or distressed owners. We convert them to a new concept such as converting an old office building to a hotel or mixed-use building. As soon as completion we sell it to another investor who is already looking for a hotel.
  • Buy & Hold Option: Instead of selling to another investor as explained above we keep it for income purposes for longer term. If wanted we sell it when the market comes back for bigger returns.
  • Syndication Option: Caltech offers one of the most well-established real estate syndication opportunities in Southern California. Instead of one investor, couple of investors comes together for the Commercial Real Estate Syndication Investment. Investors meeting the criteria can invest in a range of offerings that provide investment diversification, tax-sheltered cash flow, long-term appreciation potential, and a relatively low initial investment. A key differentiator for Caltech Investment syndications is that we invest in the project with you. As a result, our interests are closely aligned with yours—the better an investment performs, the better we all do.

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